Installation Instructions


Add the shareSDK library

  • Add "shareSDK" to your Podfile
  • Run pod install
  • Manual Integration
  • Clone the shareSDK library (git clone git://
  • Drag the sharesdk-lib-ios.xcodeproj into your project
  • Add sharesdk-lib to your "Target Dependencies"
  • Add sharesdk-lib.a to "Link Binary with Libraries"
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    Setup an App in shareSDK (if you already have an App registered you may skip this step)

  • Login and go to "apps analytics"
  • Select "click here to add an app"
  • Enter a name for your app and click "Save"
  • Select your app from the list
  • Copy the "external identifier" for your app
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    Add the shareSDK code to your app

  • In your applicationDidFinishLaunching: withOptions: method add: [ShareSDK start: SHARE_SDK_EXTERNAL_IDENTIFIER];
  • To shorten links SSActivityViewController's: shortenLinksIfNeeded: withCompletionHandler: method
  • To track shares replace any UIActivityViewController with SSActivityViewController

    For more help take a look at the sharesdk-example target inside the sharesdk-lib-ios project or contact us with your questions.