What is shareSDK?

shareSDK is an analytics dashboard geared toward social that works with native iOS sharing. We support and track all UIActivity services, including your own custom activity types. Instantly track posting to facebook & twitter, email, text messages, and more.

Our analytics provide insight into what matters most... know how your users are sharing and posting your apps content to social networks.

How much does it cost?

Zero, zip, zilch, nada… shareSDK UIActivity Analytics is free. We plan on adding premium features in the future.

Couldn’t I just integrate sharing services on my own? Why use shareSDK?

Yes and we encourage you to continue using your primary provider of analytics, however, they are not setup to track native iOS sharing. Our sole focus is tracking all UIActivites in your app and giving you meaningful analytics from this data. By using us in addition to your current analytics service, you will be able to track the social component of your app so you can increase its virality and understand what in-app content your users are sharing.

Can I add a custom UIActivity type to shareSDK?

We automatically track all UIActivity types so there is no need to adjust anything. However, you may want to add it to our UIActivity Directory so that other developers can take advantage of your custom UIActivty. Also, our library is open-source and can be downloaded here; we encourage community improvements/adjustments to our code.

I have some cool ideas for shareSDK, who do I tell?

You can tell us directly using our contact form.

My app is extremely popular; can you handle the traffic from it?

We sure can! We are using Heroku whose scalable, reliable, and secure computer infrastructure has been honed since 2007 and has over 1.5 million applications running on its service. No app is too big for us!

Want to help?

Our library is open-source so feel free to dive in and make changes or improvements. We are trying to build a service that mobile app developers love, so if you can think of anything we can do better please let us know. Also, if you really like our service then let your fellow developers know about us. Thanks!

I forgot my username and/or password, can you help me?!?

No problem, just use our forgot your username/password form and an email will be sent to you.

Can I create more than one shareSDK account?

Please do! We encourage you to create as many accounts as you need but during our beta period, you must use a unique email address for each account. However, you can add multiple apps to one account and view analytics data for each individual app or all apps combined.

We are working on adding profiles with permissions to your account so you can allow clients to access analytics data on their individual apps without having access to other apps in your account.

How do I integrate shareSDK into my app?

Please follow the detailed installation instructions here. If you have any further questions please let us know using our contact form.

How do I download the SDK?

Our SDK is open-source and can be downloaded here.

How frequently does my data update?

Data updates currently occur in real-time.

I integrated shareSDK into my app, how long until analytics data starts showing up?

Analytics are currently updated in real-time.

Is it possible to reset my data?

While you cannot reset your data you are free to create an unlimited number of Apps; additionally, you may view data only for a specific time period.